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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Wireless Sensors

Totally Wireless Communication

Abacus Guardian users can view crucial temperature data from their processing, storage or transport facilities from any web browser, anywhere at anytime.

The Abacus Guardian system uses the latest wireless technology to transmit data from sensors to a local hub which then re-transmits the data to the dedicated Abacus Guardian web server. All wireless sensors and hubs have a unique identity so that their data can be recognized and stored correctly.

The Abacus Guardian hubs are designed to reliably transmit the data back to the server from any location whether it is in a busy pharmacy, food storage facility, hospital, kitchen, supermarket, restaurant or vehicle.

The hubs will re-transmit data for every sensor within range at any time. Therefore the system is suitable for sensors in both fixed and mobile locations.

The system will send out high and low alarms as emails, SMS (text messages) or as a local alarm to warn of possible threats to the product. All data and alarms can be viewed on any computer, smart phone or tablet, that has internet connectivity.

Abacus Guardian Quickstart

There are minimal installation, or set up costs, to start monitoring valuable stock.

Upon receipt of the system:

  1. Open box and remove contents.
  2. Fit batteries where required and place sensors in the areas to be monitored.
  3. Place the Hub in a convenient location and attach power.
  4. Log on to the internet and view live data.

Take the 4 hour challenge.

Cold Chain Temperature Tracking

Guardian is unique in its ability to monitor a consignment through the entire cold chain at an affordable price.

If required, the manufacturer, distributor and end user can all view the temperature of a consignment historically or in real time as it goes from factory to truck, to distribution warehouse, to delivery van and on to its final destination.

Along the way all Hubs will retransmit the temperature data. The identity of the Hub indicates the location of the consignment; in a warehouse or on a particular vehicle. Any unwanted variations in temperature will create immediate alerts to prevent spoiling valuable product.

Include other measurement types

There are Abacus Guardian sensors to monitor a host of signals. In addition to temperature, the system can be used to monitor humidity, pH, carbon dioxide, conductivity, pressure, flow, voltage, current, contact, level etc.

Benefits of Abacus Guardian

  • Minimum installation effort and cost.
  • 24/7 monitoring with recording and alarms.
  • Comply with ‘due diligence’ legislation.
  • Reduce stock losses and wastage.
  • Save energy with continuous monitoring.
  • No compatibility issues – any device with internet connectivity will work.
  • Historical storage, and access to, data.
  • Worldwide access to information.
  • Automatic free upgrades to server.
  • Lower cost than recording temperatures by hand.
  • Monitor many variables.
  • Complete cold chain verification.

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