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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Temperature monitoring in Health care

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The subject of retina transplants may cause some of you to cringe, but in reality the restoration of sight to a blind or partially blind person is a true gift of modern science.  Obviously the real skills lie with the teams of surgeons who carry out such procedures, but what is not widely appreciated is that there are often hundreds of miles separating the donor and the recipient. This presents a problem as human tissue is a very sensitive material.

The task of transporting such a precious cargo is given to specialist couriers who, in order to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition, use passive insulated containers which attempt to maintain the internal temperature between two critical values. Traditionally, a qualified technician has to accompany the shipment to undertake manual temperature monitoring and make adjustments when necessary. In addition the technician would phone ahead to inform the waiting team that all was well.

Abacus Guardian were tasked with developing an alternative to this labour intensive and expensive operation.

The solution was surprisingly simple.

We fitted one of our hand portable, temperature controlled Medi-Box pharmaceutical transporters with a specially adapted Abacus Guardian Hub and temperature sensor. The Medi-box automatically adjusts its internal temperature whilst the Abacus Guardian system continuously monitors it and transmits the information, via the 3G mobile network, to our dedicated servers.

The waiting medical team were able to log on via the internet and view, in real time, the exact temperature of the ‘in transit’ retinas ensuring that, as they arrived in perfect condition, everything was prepared and ready to receive them.

Hopefully this new method of transport will not only benefit the patients but also enable the surgical teams to operate more efficiently, reducing waiting times and cost, all of which should eventually lead to more people being given back the precious gift of sight.

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