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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Temperature Monitoring in Food Storage and Distribution Example

Abacus Guardian was pleased to assist one of the UK’s largest storage and distribution companies with the wireless temperature monitoring, mapping and validation of their two new Midlands based cold stores. Using our moonitoring system, sixteen sensors were placed at strategic positions in Cold Store 1, and the temperatures were logged in real time for two weeks. Relative hot and cold spots were identified and documented.

As the sensors are all wireless, it was easy to re-locate all sixteen into Cold Store 2 and repeat the process. Armed with the locations of the most temperature sensitive areas, the sixteen sensors were finally positioned throughout both cold stores to provide high and low “close to limit” temperature alarms and historical records.

The positioning of the sensors guaranteed that goods stored throughout the cold store would be kept at their optimum temperature to ensure product quality and lifespan.

Following this successful installation, a further sixteen sensors were added to the system to monitor an area of approximately 12,000 cubic meters of ambient storage racking. Sensors were placed at three heights throughout the area.

As with the cold stores, a recorded reading was made every three minutes to provide detailed auditable temperature records.

“The Abacus Guardian system has more than paid for itself alerting us to a controller that failed on a Friday night. Had the system not been in place we would not have been able to take the necessary action to save our stock, which importantly meant business as usual.”

Peter McLaren-Kennedy – Wiltshire Farm Foods Cardiff

Wiltshire Farm Foods Case Study

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