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Tackling the carbon footprint of the frozen food industry

A joint project between the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) and the Carbon Trust will see, for the first time, a real effort to tackle the carbon footprint of the frozen food industry.

The BFFF have highlighted the issue that many frozen food companies operate within safety parameters which are unnecessarily wide, resulting in heightened carbon emissions. The joint enterprise will deliver a number of ground breaking reports that will aim to tackle the current legislation over food safety parameters.

European legislation currently requires food to be stored at under -18°C for it to be labelled as ‘quick frozen.’ It is thought to be unnecessary to store food at this low a temperature, and without any strong scientific support for the current legislation it is hoped it can be changed. It’s thought that even changing the current parameters by 1°C could have a huge impact on the amount of carbon emissions the industry creates as a whole.

Key organisations which provide products to the industry such as Bernard Mathews Foods Ltd and Lyons Seafoods Ltd will be involved to ensure that this project is mutually beneficial. Hugh Jones, solutions director at the Carbon Trust said: “By working with a number of key organisations from the BFFF membership, we can involve industry players on an inclusive basis across the sector to deliver informed results to drive carbon emission reduction.”

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