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Refrigeration key to solve food crisis in developing countries

A report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has called for better refrigeration in developing countries to reduce food wastage, relieve hunger and improve global food security.

This is a follow up to the institution’s last report which found that half of all food around the world is either lost or discarded. Without proper refrigeration food decays at an alarming rate, increasing waste as well as the danger of food poisoning. This year’s study found that in Tanzania 97% of meat is sold warm having never been refrigerated.

Dr Tim Fox, Head of energy and environment at the Institution said ‘the tragedy is too much of the food we produce is lost unnecessarily through spoilage in developing countries, where it is most needed, due to inadequate infrastructure and a lack of cold and frozen supply chains.’

The report highlighted the importance of food preservation as opposed to food manufacture. The use of refrigeration to sustain the food that we already have is highlighted as far more important than simply producing more food to simply be wasted.  However refrigeration is only effective when it is working, and sadly with power cuts being all too regular occurrences in the developing countries, monitoring systems such as Abacus Guardian are essential to keep chilled and frozen foods safe.

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