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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Online shopping to boost frozen food market

A new report by Rabobank has shown that European consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping when purchasing frozen foods.

The report, which looked into the current state of the European frozen food sector, has shown that online shopping will see the most growth when it comes to shopping for frozen food.  France and the UK are the two leading countries for online food growth, with sales anticipated to double before 2016.

However, the report also showed that consumers still do not consider frozen food as a convenience food, despite the knowledge that often frozen food products are fresher and keep longer than other, perishable items.

In terms of practicality, online shoppers expect that their frozen products will not interfere with other foods and packaging whilst in transit. This means that frozen food needs to be transported more quickly after purchase.

Abacus Guardian is a wireless temperature monitoring system that can let you know when your warehouse, refrigerated transport or even food locker slips below or rises above your set temperature parameters – giving you peace of mind that your products remain safe.

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