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Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

High Street giant Marks & Spencer launches first range of frozen ready meals

Marks & Spencer has this month announced that it will launch its first ever range of frozen ready meals, on trial in 500 stores from the 30th September.

The range will feature 30 ready meals, serving between two and four people, which will all be able to be cooked from frozen. New dishes will include ‘pulled pork with potato and kale hash’ and ‘slow cooked chicken and chorizo stew with butterbeans’.

The frozen food market, worth £700m, a year presents M&S with the opportunity to expand into an industry which is increasingly relied on by the British public to provide high quality, quick to cook meal options.

Product developer for M&S Claire Richardson said: “We see a significant market opportunity in prepared frozen foods…we have used our expertise in prepared meals to bring a new level of quality to frozen meals.”

“Ever busier lifestyles mean that having a prepared meal ‘ready to go’ in the freezer can be a big help for busy families’”

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