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Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Sustained growth in the frozen food industry seen in 2013

New data has shown that the market growth in the frozen food industry has outdone that of the wider retail market in the past twelve months.  The data shows that sales of ice cream saw a 3.4% volume growth year-on-year and a 6.8% value growth year-on-year, bringing the total value to approximately £830 million.

Despite a hard twelve months for the frozen food industry, the market has shown a positive value growth of 2.5% year on year, boosting the industry’s value to over £5.7bn.  The statistics show that frozen meat, vegetables and poultry have continued to grow in value, as consumers continue to understand the benefits of frozen produce.  However, a drop in both value and volume year-on-year in the ready meals sector reflects a loss of confidence in processed meats, following the horsemeat scandal in early 2013.

Discussing the statistics, Brian Young, director general of British Frozen Food Federation says “It is important to notice that these statistics are set against a backdrop of a struggling retail sector and tough economic environment. The fact that frozen food has seen any growth at all is testament to the commitment shown by brands and retailers to expanding frozen NPD.”

To ensure maximum nutritional value and the best possible flavour, as well as avoiding the build of bacteria that may lead to food poisoning, it is important to maintain a constant temperature for chilled and frozen foods.

Abacus Guardian wireless temperature monitoring allows you to remotely monitor the temperature of any room, cabinet or storage area. If the temperature drops or rises beyond the parameters that you have set you will automatically be alerted.

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