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Frozen food manufacturers challenge 5 a day study

Frozen food manufacturers in the UK have challenged a new UCL study for suggesting that eating frozen fruit and vegetables is not as beneficial as eating their fresh counterparts.

The study on fruit and veg consumption stated that eating five portions of fruit and veg a day might not be enough to protect from health problems such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, and noted that seven portions a day would be more beneficial. Further to this, the study noted that “frozen/canned fruit consumption was apparently associated with a higher risk of mortality”.

The BFFF has commented, stating that discussing both frozen and canned food in the same manner was misleading, as frozen food has equivalent health benefits to fresh fruit, whilst canned products contain higher levels of sugar.

However, the UCL researchers acknowledged the need to distinguish between the two in further analysis in order to full explain the link between the consumption of frozen/canned fruit and an increased risk of mortality.

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