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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Industry Examples

The Abacus Guardian temperature monitoring system is benefiting businesses in multiple industries. For an example of how it’s been used to help a business like yours, see the following industry list.

Food Storage and Distribution

Abacus was pleased to assist one of the UK’s largest storage and distribution companies with the temperature mapping and validation of their two new Midlands based cold stores. Using our Guardian System sixteen temperature sensors were placed at strategic positions in cold store one and the temperatures logged in real time for…

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The subject of retina transplants may cause some of you to cringe but in reality the restoration of sight to a blind or partially blind person is a true gift of modern science.

Obviously the real skills lie with the teams of surgeons who carry out such procedures but what is not widely appreciated is that there are often hundreds of miles separating the donor and the recipient. This presents a problem as human tissue is a…

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Abacus Guardian is pleased to have developed an excellent working relationship with a local Bedfordshire NHS Hospital.

Pharmacy Manager Nick Jones was an early participant in our NHS trials. Nick kindly agreed to adopt the system to monitor his fridges and freezers in the Dispensary, Stores and Clean Areas. He was keen to enhance both his stock…

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We also work with companies outside of these industries. Here are some examples;

Temperature control is critical to ensuring highest quality standards are maintained to ensure shelf life of our products – We had been searching for a system that will monitor 24/7 and also gives us automated alarm signalling text/email for temperature deviances. The Guardian monitoring is all this and more – this simple system using wireless sensors and web based analysis allows authorised access to view the data so we now have complete control whenever we want it, covering ambient internal /ambient external / water / RH The system & friendly service comes highly recommended especially as it gives me piece of mind to sleep at nights!

Mark J Bunting

Senior Technical Manager MM Flowers