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Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms

Cold chain problems behind animal vaccine failure

The failure of the Scabine vaccine on lambs in New Zealand has been put down to a problem in the ‘cold chain’, says a chief veterinarian.

Reports show that a vaccine for ‘orf’ or contagious pustular dermatitis in sheep had not taken, following injections at tailing time.

Farmers receiving certain batches had reported that the vaccine had been ineffective, and a chief vet in the area has named a disruption in the cold chain as the source of this failure.

Scabine is a live vaccine, and its effectiveness can be compromised if it is stored or handled incorrectly. The vaccine should be stored at between 2-8°C, but in this case the vaccine was exposed to a high temperature at some point in the cold chain.

Ensure that issues over temperature throughout the cold chain don’t cause vaccines to become ineffective.  Abacus Guardian allows you to remotely monitor the temperature of any room, storage area, or refrigerated transport. If the temperature drops or rises beyond the parameters that you have set you will automatically be alerted.

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