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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms


A fishy tale…

A representative from Abacus Guardian recently visited a fishmonger to discuss their temperature controls.

They asked the fishmonger how he kept track of the temperature his stock was kept at, and was told that they had a system in place.… Continue reading

What is data logging?

Data logging or monitoring, put simply, is the process of collecting, analysing and saving data.

Data logging is used in monitoring systems where it is impossible, or unproductive for a human to collect the information. The systems used are also… Continue reading

New method of preserving blood discovered

Research at the University of Warwick has shown a way of preserving blood for longer than the present limit of 42 days.

Currently, blood donations can only be refrigerated for 42 days at -20°c until passing its use-by date, as… Continue reading

Negligent vaccine storage causes paralysis in China

One billion vaccines are administered in China in one year, with the fault rate at 2 million inoculations, meaning that over 1,000 of those vaccinations are either ineffective, have caused further symptoms, or in some cases have even caused paralysis.… Continue reading