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Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Data-Logging & Alarms
Wireless temperature monitoring, data-logging & alarms


FSA in surprise u-turn on campylobacter results

The Food Standards Agency has again u-turned on providing its quarterly campylobacter survey results, now stating that it will ‘name and shame’ retailers in its November 2014 report.

The report will announce which retailers and processors have sold chicken that… Continue reading

SME food allergen labelling guidance published

The Food Standards Agency is giving technical guidance to help small and medium-sized (SME) businesses comply with new rules on allergen labelling and information, which will take effect later this year.

Food businesses in the UK will have to follow… Continue reading

Food fraud publication delayed

The official report into the causes of the horsemeat scandal has been shelved until at least the autumn, prompting criticism that the government is neglecting the importance of food safety.

The report, announced by the Department for Environment, Food… Continue reading