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Is Britain falling back in love with frozen food?

The big news in the food industry this month has been the announcement that Scottish frozen food retailer Farmfoods has become the UK’s fastest growing grocer, after announcing a 44% year-on-year growth.

This statistic follows Kantar Worldpanel statistics showing a 2.5% growth in general frozen food sales in December 2013.

The sector seems to be bouncing back from the damage caused by the horsemeat scandal of 2013, with companies such as Lidl and Aldi creating demand for budget products, and endorsement from chefs encouraging the public to regain their trust in the frozen food industry.

Further to this, the frozen food industry has highlighted the budget and waste-free nature of frozen food, in an economy that is still in recovery. Frozen vegetables and fruit are hailed as the budget way to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, with the British Nutrition Foundation recommending frozen produce.

Thomas Hobbs of industry magazine The Grocer notes that although frozen food has suffered an image problem in the past, “budget lines are being embraced by the middle classes”. Commenting on Farmfoods’ success, he notes “their range is quite basic, but they have not over-diversified or compromised on their core strength – selling frozen foods – and that has worked in their favour.”

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